Engineering Services

From the idea to the series.

We offer electronics development and manufacturing from a single source.

Hardware. Software. Cloud.


As an EMS service provider we support our customers in developing elctronic devices from idea to series.


With in-STEP BLUE from Microtool we organize and document the complete development process.
From the acceptance of the requirements, the creation of the specification, the documentation of the change management up to the time and cost registration.

A tool with the developer and project manager to work on the most effective way to complete the development on time and cost.

In order to meet the requirements of medical technology, we combine the V-Modell with components from the agile procedure model Scrum.

We develop test equipment according to specification and your specifications.



We develop electronics for different requirements and industries.
One focus is on embedded systems, IoT and systems for applications in medical technology.

Through the close cooperation of development, series purchasing and technical work preparation, we ensure that we consider the technical and commercial key points required for mass production at all times in the development process.

The selection of the components used is carried out together with the customer responsible for the serial purchaser, in order to optimize price and availability for the series product and series production at the earliest possible date.

circuit design

We develop simple and complex circuits according to your functional specifications. In particular, we attach importance to compliance with normative requirements, an EMC-compliant design.

Layout Development

Benefit from the experience we gather every day in our electronics production!

You are looking for a service provider for production-optimized layout creation, which converts your hardware development into a production-optimized layout?
Short paths between development and production ensure efficient layout development and qualitatively optimal results even in prototype and pre-series production.

In our production, all assemblies are manufactured from prototype to series on a fully integrated SMT line. With the first prototype, we begin the process and data optimization in layout and BOM in order to achieve a production-oriented and thus also cost-optimized production version in a very short time.

With AltiumDesigner or Target3001! We will redesign your circuit or optimize your layout in redesign and, if necessary, maintain your component library, so that production-optimized information can also be incorporated into new developments.

Hardware and firmware from a single source.


In addition to the hardware-related software development in C / C ++, we also have the project experience for the development of embedded Linux systems with graphical user interface in Qt.

So far we have successfully realized these topics in projects:

  • Microcontroller programming from ST, Renesas, Atmel, NXP
  • Wired bus systems (CAN, Canopen, Ethernet, ...)
  • wireless communication (WLAN, Bluetooth, GSM / LTE)
  • Sensor technology, control technology, etc. for valves, pumps and motors
    analogue control, etc. of ultrasound systems

Hardware, firmware, embedded Linux and cloud integration.

We have set ourselves the goal for our customers to develop safe and maintainable systems. As early as during hardware development, the prerequisites must be created so that processors can be supplied with up-to-date firmware, the current operating system and application updates over the product life cycle with microcode updates and systems in the long term.

A modern system architecture in which the user interface, which communicates with the various functional program components via D-Bus, instead of operating a monolithic application, is one of the essential requirements for security and maintainability.

With us you receive:

  • tailor-made embedded Linux
  • Firmware, application and system updates "Over-the-Air"
  • Qt application development
  • IoT systems based on open source software (eg MQTT with Node-RED or Mosquitto).

In order to obtain a functioning overall system as a result, a detailed requirement analysis and a proof-of-concept are required.In doing so, we not only consider the requirements for the hardware and software of the embedded system, but also include the various strategies and providers for the operation of the infrastructure (cloud, on-premise or hybrid) in the proof-of-concept.